8/10 - review at Half_life Atlas "what a release!"

92% A - review at CS Map Archives "This is a brilliant map.."

3/3 - review at St james [=Rêveur des Mondes=] "..une map vraiment sympathique.."

(2003-10-27) de_priory updated for CS1.6 and CS:CZ

Get the new version here:
NEW: Get the nav-file for Counter-Strike Condition Zero bots here: de_priory.nav
Get POD-bot waypoints here: de_priory_podbotwaypoints.zip (by CoCoNUT)

Background: The old priory is being excavated and studied by archaeologists and
art historians. It seems to hold among other things some fresco walls by the old
master Piero della Francesca which are strangely similar to those found at the
church of San Francesco in Arezzo.

Terrorists: Supported by the Holy Scriptures and the Fathers, you declare
unanimously, in the name of the Holy Trinity, that there shall be rejected and
removed and cursed out of the Christian Church every likeness which is made out
of any material and colour whatever by the evil art of painters.Blow up the fresco
wall or the mosaic floor to stop the archaeologists' excavation and destroy the invaluable but blasphemic artwork.

Counter-Terrorists: Protect the old priory ruin from any harm!





*re-arranged spawn points to prevent telefragging when playing with 24 players.
*decreased bomb explosion radius from 500 to 300


changes since beta2:

*a few more mis-alignments corrected.
*Added overview
*Added intro camera view
*removed env_sounds


changes since beta1:

* lowered or removed r_speed peaks at several places.
* more clip brushes added.
* a few new textures.
* re-aligned textures for better fitting and consistency.
* simplified the brush work.
* plugged the hall of mirrors glitch (thanks Moon)
* removed rock outside cellars
* added thorn bushes
* added some new architecture.
* t:s now start facing the priory
* flattened the ladders
* a few trees outside the walls
* and a lot more....

* oh, and some nice easter-eggs. (get your flashlight out for one of them :) )

Thanks to csmapcentral.com and warcry for testing beta1.

I have also decided to publish the textures I made for the map. I ended up making over 220 textures, but only 137 of them are actually used. I have packed 209 of the textures, both used and unused, into a wad for you.

Click here to preview the wad in jpg-pictures

I've calibrated the light settings in Valve Hammer Editor / Worldcraft with the light settings in the program in which I made the sky, Terragen, so that when you step in to the shadows of the map, you can't see the sun. It took a while to figure out how to do it, so I've written a small tutorial for interested mappers.
You can find it here


Contact : manhog@gmail.com


Finishing map :


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