How to calibrate the Worldcraft/Valve Hammer Editor light_environment with Terragen.

by Manhog

Note: This tutorial requires basic knowledge of both programs.

If you have a sun or some other lightsource in your skybox - you would propably like the light in the map to follow it. So that when you step into a shadow in the map - you can't see the sun. Makes sense.
If you are using Terragen to make the sky, here's how you can do it.

The angle system in Terragen and Valve Hammer Editor are not the same (from top view) .

Imagine that you place the circle belonging to VHE (the right one) over your " top(x/y) " window in VHE.
The bk,lf,ft and rt are the extensions for 4 of your 6 environment pictures - back, left, front and right.(e.g. prioryft,priorybk.... )
The placement of "up" and "dn" is pretty obvious.

As you see, if you would set the "sun heading" in Terragen to 0 degrees, it would appear in VHE as coming from an angle of 180 degrees. If you would set it to 300 in Terragen, it would appear in VHE at an angle of 240.

If we make an example and set the "sun heading" in Terragen to 33 degrees, we need to set the angle of the light_environment in VHE to 147 degrees. (180 - 33).


The pitch is set in terragen as a "sun altitude" of 45, so in VHE, which counts the other way, we set it to -45.


That should be it. Compile with VIS and Rad on. Hopefully, you can now step into the shadows and see the sun disappear.



The examples are taken from my map de_priory. <Go check it out.